how to design a logo

Name of the company and the logo is important, especially if your goal is to create a brand protected, immediately recognizes the consumer. During the patent to protect inventions used, logos, drawings, symbols and other characters, marks, names, are used are, connected with a company to protect. The process of registration of a mark is a simple, but can take several months of the registration of marks, to be official.
  1. Create a name and a logo for your company. To avoid the use of a name and logo that have already been protected, do a search using the US patent and Trademark Office database (see resources).
  2. The documentation of the name of the company and the logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office registers filling
  3. Check the status of your brand. This process can take five to seven months. Receive notice when your brand rises.
  4. A copy of your brand. You can do so by contacting the United States Patent and Trademark Office. You will need to provide your registration number when you request a copy of the certificate brand.
  5. File "Affidavit of use", after the fifth year, but before the sixth year with the mark to prevent others to use it. You must submit two additional affidavits before each period of 10 years which has the mark.